Currently funded studies

15SFRN23760002 American Heart Association Pierce(PI) 4/1/15- 3/30/19
Strategically Focused Hypertension Research Network (SFRN)
Program: Novel Neuroendocrine Mechanisms in Preeclampsia:Vasopressin and Copeptin (Sigmund, C)
Clinical Science Project: Early vascular dysfunction and elevated copeptin in human preeclampsia
Role: Principal Investigator (20%)

13SDG143400012 American Heart Association Pierce(PI) 7/1/13 – 6/30/18 (NCE)
National Center Scientist Development Grant
Vascular dysfunction in human obesity hypertension: integrative role of sympathetic and renin- angiotensin systems
Role: Principal Investigator (20%)

2 P01 HL014388-41 NHLBI/NIH Abboud (PI) 7/1/14- 6/30/19
Program: Integrative Neurobiology of Cardiovascular Regulation
Project 2: Does anxiety cause vascular dysfunction through inflammation and SNS activation? (Abboud, F)
Role: Co-I (15%)

1R21 AG048170-01A1 NIA/NIH Voss (PI) 7/1/15 - 2/28/18 (NCE)
Bridging acute and long-term exercise effects on brain function in older adults
Role: Co-investigator (5%)

1R01 AG049784-01A1 NIA/NIH Dayal (PI) 9/15/15 - 4/30/20
Peroxide-mediated prothrombotic effects of aging
Role: Co-investigator (5%)

R01 HL134822 NIH/NHLBI Hoth (PI) 5/1/17 - 4/30/22
Determinants of altered brain structure and function in smokers with COPD-related lung pathophysiology
Role: Co-investigator (10%)

Completed funding:

Career Development Award Pierce (PI) 4/1/15 - 3/30/17
Environmental Health Sciences Research Center (EHSRC)
Large elastic artery stiffness, small airway disease and coronary calcium in COPD patients
Role: Principal Investigator

UI Center for Hypertension Research, Univ of Iowa Pierce G; Rahmouni K (Co-PI) 1/1/15-6/30/16
Mechanisms of vascular endothelial dysfunction and aortic stiffness in obesity
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

1R21 AG043722-01 NIA/NIH Pierce (PI) 8/1/13 – 7/31/15
Targeting inflammation to treat cardiovascular aging in human
Role: Principal Investigator

Environmental Health Sciences Research Center (EHSRC), University of Iowa (Pierce , G) 7/1/14- 6/30/15
Microvascular and endothelial responses to inhaled endotoxin: potential therapeutic effect of parenteral ascorbic acid
Role: Principal Investigator

Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center, Univ of Iowa Pierce (PI) 8/1/12 - 12/31/14
Inflammation inhibition for microvascular and autonomic dysfunction in obese prediabetic humans
Role: Principal Investigator

Biological Sciences Funding Program (BSFP) Voss (PI) 7/1/13-6/30/14
Office of the Vice President for Research, University of Iowa
Sparking the brain: effect of aerobic exercise on brain function
Role: Co-Investigator

Biological Sciences Funding Program (BSFP) Dayal (PI) 7/1/14-6/30/15
Office of the Vice President for Research, University of Iowa
The effect of aging on platelet activation in humans
Role: Co-Investigator

5KL2 RR 24980-5 UIowa ICTS KL2 Career Development Award Pierce (PI) 7/1/11-8/23/13
Targeting inflammation to treat cardiovascular aging in humans
Role: Principal Investigator